When it Comes to the Exterior Design of a House, There are a Plethora of Trends and ideas to Conside

Selecting the appropriate exterior house colors can be a challenging task

When it comes to the exterior design of a house, there are a plethora of trends and ideas to consider. Here are some popular ideas for designing the exterior of your house:


1. Cottage Style: This design incorporates light colors and bold trim, giving the illusion of a larger house. It often includes features like sunrooms and matching soffits and window trim.

2. A Regal Painted Lady: This style is perfect for older or Victorian-style homes and involves painting the house to highlight its architectural features.

3. Wrap Around Style: Houses with wrap-around porches that evoke a relaxed, coastal ambiance. This design is ideal for creating a sanctuary that reflects a simpler way of life.

4. Modern Bungalow: This design focuses on clean lines and a limited neutral color palette. It often incorporates carefully chosen materials and simple geometric shapes.

5. Naturally Beautiful Look: This design utilizes contrasting textures and colors to make the house stand out from its surroundings.

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6. Warmer Modern Façade: This design showcases vibrant, textured, architectural panels that create an attention-grabbing façade for the house.


To explore these ideas further and find visual inspiration, you can visit websites such as Houzz, The Home Depot, Allura USA, and brick&batten. These resources offer a wealth of photos and articles on exterior home designs, providing valuable insights and guidance for creating a stunning exterior for your home.


Exterior House Colors

Selecting the appropriate exterior house colors can be a challenging task, but there are numerous popular color schemes and combinations to contemplate. Here are some suggestions from various sources:

1. Classic Neutrals: Timeless and favored choices for exterior house colors include white, gray, and other neutral shades.

2. Blue-Gray: Over the past decade, blues and grays have been trendy exterior paint colors. Designers are now combining the two to create blue-gray tones that provide a welcoming choice for home exteriors.

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3. Unexpected Pairing: A rising trend is to paint a home using two hues that are not typically found together in an exterior color scheme. For instance, try using a gray paint on the siding with turquoise accents or a warm green with shutters in a cooler green hue.

4. Mix and Match: Experiment with mixing and matching reds, blues, and yellows for your home’s exterior colors. Consider pairing a sunny yellow with a deep blue.

5. Wood for Warmth: Wood can add warmth to almost any home’s exterior color and complements medium to dark shades exceptionally well. Consider using wood shake siding, wood shutters, or a wood garage door.

6. Ocean Blues and Greens: Update the traditional pale blues with ocean blues, greens, and aquas. Pair a seaside aqua hue with ivory for a refreshing look.

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7. Black and White: The classic combination of black and white can be paired with a bold accent color to achieve a modern look.

8. Hunter Green and Muted Sage: This color combination is ideal for creating a natural, earthy appearance.

9. Soft Lime and Powder Blue: Perfect for achieving a beachy, coastal look, this combination exudes a relaxed vibe.

10. Pearl Gray and Slate Blue: For a sophisticated, modern look, consider using this combination of colors.

When selecting exterior house colors, it is crucial to take into account the architectural style of your home, the surrounding landscape, and any guidelines or restrictions imposed by the neighborhood. It is also advisable to test paint samples on your home’s exterior before making a final decision.